KOREA UNIVERSITY School of Biosystem and Biomedical Science

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2nd grade 3rd grade 4th grade
Spring Semester Fall Semester Spring Semester Fall Semester Spring Semester Fall Semester
Introduction to Biomedical Sciences          
Experiment Biomedical Sciences I Experiment Biomedical Sciences II        
Biophysics Biochemistry Enzyme Technology Physiologically Active Substances   Product development and practise
  Introduction to Organic Chemistry   Metabolomics    
    Food Chemistry I Food Chemistry II Food Raw Material Food Instrumental Analysis and Laboratory
        Biological Materal Preservation  
Genetics Epigenetics     Nutritional Genomics  
Molecular Biology     Molecular Nutrition   Molecular phylogenetics
        Bioinformatics Molecular Pathological Epidemiology
Microbiology Diseases Microbiology Immunology Bacteriology Virology Antibody engineering
    Food Microbiology Bio-industrial Microbiology and Lab Food Safety and Toxicology Industrial Bio-Technology
Pathology Human Physiology Nutritional Pathology and Metabolism Oncology    
    Principles of food preparation Culinary Science Food culture and Styling Meal management
  Cell Biology Stem Cell Biology   Neuroscience Tissue Regeneration
    Human Development