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Vision & Mission

Educational Objectives

The purpose of the School of Biosystem and Biomedical Science is to educate students on the basic and applied disciplines of life science and medical science, and to cultivate in them the skills necessary to become highly-skilled practitioners in the field of convergence technology, people who can develop new treatments by marrying discoveries in various disciplines and be at the cutting-edge of the biomedical industry.


Diseases that threaten human health are becoming more diversified, and there is growing public demand for nutritional balance and food safety. The School of Biosystem and Biomedical Science aims to play a pivotal role in utilizing biomedical science, based on its expertise and research capabilities in biological phenomena, diseases, and nutrition. It is in the vanguard of a new research paradigm in terms of the convergence of biomedical science and other disciplines, in this way generating new biomedical knowledge and technologies and establishing research infrastructure for vaccine development, the identification of environmental factors and other causes of disease, and disease treatment.

Moreover, it conducts comprehensive research into the functionality of food components and natural substances, food hazards and food safety, the physical chemistry of food components, and into ways to improve quality of life through better diet, in order to meet increasing public demand for balanced diets and healthy lives. In addition, it nurtures creative talents who can take the lead in cutting-edge biofood and biomedical science as well as energize Korea’s biomedical industry and promote public awareness of healthy lifestyles.