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New Biomaterial Research Center

Institute for Biomaterials

Purpose of Establishment

The goal of the research center is to investigate new biomaterial and industrialization of high value added biomedical and food materials based on natural medicines, oily extracts, bio-product, dielectric/proteome/cell body.

  • Promotion of biomaterial activation and increase of its use through bioconversion
  • Development of optimization technology for activation investigation of biomaterial, and their translation to industry.
  • Strengthening of biomaterial quality standardization, and provision of high quality research biomaterials.
  • Research on target activation evaluation methods and mechanism of diseases to augment use of new biomaterials.

Role and Target Projects

  • Research, survey and data gathering for Health and Medical Science
  • Cooperative research between industry and academy
  • Academic exchanges with domestic and foreign educational and research institutes
  • Host academic symposiums and workshops
  • Carry out analysis and evaluation project of related fields
  • Manage education programs